Conversation Hearts Lyrics


I know you belong to somebody new 
but tonight you belong to me 

Although we're apart 
you're a part of my heart 
and tonight you belong to me 

Way down by the stream 
how sweet it will seem 
once more just to dream in 
the moonlight 

My honey I know 
with the dawn 
that you will be gone 
but tonight you belong to me 

just a little ol' me


I'm in love, how inconvenient 
I had my guard up so I couldn't feel it 

But you found your way in 
when I least expected it 
and you say you love me 
and I can tell you mean it 
how inconvenient 

I was so good at distractions 
at keeping my mind on shallow interactions 

but you showed me talk was cheap 
and led me into the deep 
like I'd never seen it 
and now I believe it 
how inconvenient 

I had my plans, so much to accomplish 
but holding your hand was never on the list 
now it's at the top 

Love is a fire that lights up the night sky 
it'll guide you home when you're lost and alone 
on the longest drives 

it'll sing to you when you're sleeping 
it's that secret you can't keep in 
and though you can't see it 
it's all that you need but 
it's not convenient


I wish I had answers to your questions 
but you should know that I have questions of my own 
like “could you not?” and “do you mind?” 
cuz all your words do is remind me 
that I’m forever alone 

I understand you’re just trying to be helpful 
when you say "it’ll happen someday" 
but see that’s one thing you can’t guarantee 
cuz not everything in life is “meant to be” 
So I’ll stay "forever alone" 

You act like it’s not for a lack of trying 
that I’ve been shooting too high or out of my league 
and just because they’re selling something I ain’t buying 
doesn’t mean I don’t want the same things 

So I’ll answer all your cliches 
with some cliches of my own 
to make you think I’m not "forever alone" 

*whistle solo* 

I try my best not to let it under my skin 
but my patience sometimes wears thin 

If I get invited just one more time 
to a wedding where the bride is 25 
I swear to god… 

I’m not trying to say that I’m better than them 
Cuz I’m not everyone’s cup of tea 
And it’s not that I don’t think it can’t happen 
it’s the fear that the things I want, don’t want me 

So I’m sorry I can’t make you feel better 
but the truth is: I don’t have to 

So maybe one day if the person’s right 
they’ll make me feel it was worth the fight 
to be "forever alone" 
of being "forever alone"


What if you could say anything at all? 
I swear I'd just stay here so I could give you all 
the time in the world, all the time in the world 

You got lost somewhere 
somewhere in between 
what you thought they wanted 
and what you really need 

And your story's untold 
when they placed you on hold 

So take all the time you need 
all the time you need 
to catch me up to speed 

When it gets too loud 
and you can't turn it down, the voices in your mind 
they say that no one cares 
and you always overshare 
but darlin, it's a lie 
cuz I don't mind 

So go on 
tell me everything 
cuz everything else can wait


You've got every little piece of me 
scattered all throughout our history 
and put together carefully 
so I'm what you wanna see 

I've got only what is left of you 
after all the shit I put you thru 
we come together just to come unglued 
it's what we always do 

and so I've been mistaken before 
our past gives and takes as it wants to, love 
and we might be thru with it now 
but it ain't thru with us 

So what happens in the aftermath? 
In the bed we made with the questions we asked 
and the road is paved with the answers we gave 
the ones we can't take back 

I see colors when I look at you 
the lies are white 
but the truth is black and blue 
do we walk it off to heal this bruise 
or break it off in two? 

We don't have to fight 
for this to not be right 

and so I've been mistaken before 
our past gives and takes as it wants to, love 
and we might be thru with it now 
but it ain't thru with us


He saw her walk into the party 
and in that moment he was changed 
the girl in the dress with no one to impress 
was forever burned into his brain 

two years later they were married 
in back yard of his parents’ house 
she looked him in the eyes 
and said I’m on your side 
and he lost any trace of doubt 

When you love with your whole heart 
you give them the knife that can gut you apart 
and instead pray they'll take it 
and carve out a place you feel safe in 
so you must ask yourself this 
if love is worth the risk 

She put the flowers on the nightstand 
next to the cards and the balloons 
the nurse makes the rounds 
as she straightens his gown 
they both know it will be soon 

you see 40 years they’d been together 
She never let herself plan for this 
she’d made up her mind 
they’d have so much more time 
but time is indifferent 

Cuz when you say that you love someone 
you’re saying you’ll sit by their side 
at the movies or at sunset 
or when they take their last breath 

so you must ask yourself this 
if love is worth the risk 

love is more than bending a knee with a ring 
It’s made up of all the moments you don't see 
it’s threading a needle and weaving the string 
slowly over time 

It’s the slow dance in the kitchen at night 
when the kids are in bed 
and the dishes are drying 

it's eyes that know you 
and skin that collides 
as your stories intertwine 

love is flying in the face of 
the sweet devastation 

and though it will end 
you'd do it again 

so let me tell you this 
love is worth the risk

All lyrics and music copyright Nick Flora Music ASCAP (2018)