Nick Flora is perfection in a flat cap.”

— The Shutter District


Alterna-folk pop artist Nick Flora has been writing and recording for the better part of a decade. Flora is known for weaving quick wit with elemental truths in song that speak to the core of the human condition. 

A live performance that’s carefully crafted while still leaving room for the spontaneous, Flora’s live show is altogether intimate and unforgettable. 

With his first few releases, Flora has proven that he’s not afraid of stretching his artistic legs and with each release, showcasing different examples of dynamic, heart, and humor. 

Nick Flora’s releases FUTUREBOY (2015) and CONVERSATION HEARTS (2018) boasts a bold step forward with a sound that’s refreshingly familiar. "I love dodging expectation, painting myself into a corner then finding a side exit to get out. It keeps people interested and engaged, keeps it fun.” Flora says. 

Pulling influences from artists such as such as Ben Folds, Kacey Musgraves, Jenny Lewis, and Vance Joy, Flora shows that the quirky and left-of-center folk/pop can be just as fun, accessible, and intimate as its Top 40 counterparts.


Flora's songs are fresh, composed with wit, beauty, and an honest heart; all of these elements are sorely missing from radio and most pop music today. ”

Team Hellions


On the surface level, it's ear candy easily shared or digested. Just below the surface, however, Flora has mastered the ability to turn that analogy into something deeper and more fulfilling—or challenging.”

Analogue Music