(N Flora / A. Osenga)

This is the reconstruction 
This is the 2.0 
This is the introduction 
of things that we thought we'd know by now 

This is the fight we started 
The one that we just can't quit 
This is the spark ignited 
The love that we just can't hold in 

It's easier to just do as you're told 
Don't question it and let it go 
But I'm tired of spitting out words from someone else's mouth 
We gotta find it on our own 

Tired of the indecision 
The lies that we tell ourselves 
The waiting to get permission 
To stop being someone else 
To be ourselves 

Here's to the hopeless cynics 
Here's to the wasted years 
Here's to the re-beginning 
That drives us beyond our fear 
But I’m still here 

I want to love and not hold back 

(N. Flora / A. Osenga)

I’ve got a knack for saying the wrong thing 
and a mouth that won't stop backin' it up 
I've got a mind that's defined by being right all the time 
and I love it 

I've got a soul that loves to be tortured 
and an ego that needs to be stroked 
I’ve got a wandering eye and a strong appetite 
and a part of me that you'll never know 
I'm hard man to love 

Like a spy I'm a slave to my secrets 
Like a child I want it all to be fun 
One minute I'm in it then I won't let you finish you sentences,
til you decide that you've had enough 

I’m a hard man to love 

Take it or leave it 
Don't make me repeat it 
Don't make me repeat it! 
that I'm a hard man to love 

(N. Flora)

I can still see your face 
standing outside at the fall parade 
singing along with the band as they passed 
Honey it may sound strange but that's when I knew 

I was falling in a love that was too good to last 
But we got caught in a lie 
I could tell by the look in your daddy's eyes 
that wedding bells would not be far behind 
We were just hometown kids who found ourselves in the thick of it 
and didn't stand a chance to survive 

Where would we find a love that will take the time to turn into something real? 
Where can we go to make it feel like years ago  
and when did our love go cold? 

I hope that you are happy 
I hope that I am too 
California's good and jobs are plenty 
I hear our boy is growing 
and that he looks a lot like me 
My sister says she sees you now and then 

(N. Flora / A. Osenga)

I've been a fool for most my life 
joined the service to keep me in line 
I lost my Evelyn, married a submarine 
Ten thousand leagues, three months at a time 

We rose to the surface for days off down under 
Boys on the town with the world on our shoulders 
War was the word none of us dared to speak 
It felt good to be 
Lost at sea 

Alone, the sun woke me a quarter past noon 
Face caked with sand and one sopping shoe 
I stumbled ‘round Sydney and into the embassy 
I gave them my name, they gave me the news 

All my friend’s secrets and all of my clothes 
Were buried alive 90 miles off the coast 
I was too drunk to hear when the call crashed the party 
and suddenly 
we were lost at sea 

They flew me back home where 
I stared at my face on the front of the paper 
One lone survivor of reckless behavior 
They made me the hero they needed to see  

But I'll always be lost at Sea 

(N. Flora / A. Osenga)

I was shown how to love at an early age 
I was given attention and time 
And if I needed help I looked for someone else 
and never learned to do it by myself 

I was taught to fear what I did not know 
But to trust a God I could not see 
To look high to heaven and fear the fires of hell  
but never to trust myself 

Nobody gets out clean 
No such thing as a great escape 
There's struggle in everything 
There's no finding another way 
Walk a mile on the other side and then you'll finally see 
That nobody gets out clean 

There's a part of me that still feels thirteen 
And watching my brother fall away and I would take his place 
As the golden boy, still so young 
but the heart of the good son still beats inside of me 
and he's scared to make mistakes 

Nobody gets out clean 
No such thing as a getaway 
There's struggle in everything 
There's no finding another way 
Walk a mile on the other side and then you'll finally see 
That nobody gets out clean 

Wherever we hide it 
we are united 
by the feeling that we're alone 
but we're not alone, we're not alone 

There’s no such thing as a getaway  
There's no finding another way 
It's easier to place the blame  
on someone else, someone else 
But know it's not enough  
we've gotta let ourselves love and let go 

(N. Flora)

Love is a fire 
Love is a train 
That you can’t extinguish 
And you cannot tame 

There’s no use in fighting it or standing in the way 
Love is a young man’s game 

When I was younger my heart was on my sleeve 
Like a red badge of courage exposing underneath 
And though it got broken it never seemed to fade 
That’s why love is a young man’s game 

Not long ago I was getting stronger 
Not long ago the days seemed so long 
And now I find it’s just easier to stay here 
Easier than finding another way 
Because love is a young man’s game 

The older I get the less I seem to understand 
I placed all my bets on whether I can love again 
On whether I can love again 

Love is a fire that burned me up so bright 
Love is a train car that’s rusted shut up tight 
And I’m just an old man who’s forgotten how to change 
So love became a young man’s game 

(N. Flora)

I'm happy that you're happy and found somebody who  
seems to understand your complicated ways 

I'm glad that he's a strong man which darlin I felt firsthand 
when he pressed his gun up against my face 

If you loved me for my money 
there are easier ways, honey 
you could've asked, I've never had a cold heart 

Next time pencil in 
to your nearly perfect plan 
that I have ears all over town 
and some of those ears found you out 

So take this as a lesson learned 
when love is hot it tends to burn 
And sometimes things are not what they seem 

But I'm happy you were happy love 
at least temporarily 
I just wish you could've been happy here with me 

(N. Flora / A. Osenga)

Honey don't hide 
Tell me all that you know 
It's hard as it is to go it alone 

We're getting older so they tell me 
Ain't no reason to kick and scream 

I know it's tough when you get what you want 
But it's not what you need so it's never enough 

Forward motion is all that counts 
so keep your head up and work it out 

I've been in a sea of heartbreak 
I've been lost on the side of the road 
I've been lying in a bed of mistakes 
It takes time to see the ways we went wrong 
Don't be so hard, we haven't known ourselves that long 

You're not alone, darlin 
We're all trying, we're all fighting 
To make it home, and the river's rising 
Doubting what we know 
We can't make it on our own 

(keep fighting keep going) 
You’ll be drowning in a sea of heartbreak 
(keep loving keep hoping) 
You’ll be lost on the side of the road 
(keep fighting keep going) 
You’ll be lying in a bed of mistakes 
(keep loving keep hoping) 

Just know that you’re not alone 
We all need to know that we’re not alone 
We can’t make it on our own 

(N. Flora)

I’ve got love inside my heart 
That I wish you could see 
I’ve got a longing in every part 
That will not let me be 

And though it seems that everything is just fine 
Underneath what you can’t see  
I’m dying just to make it out alive 

When we were young we would talk 
About the things we wished to be 
The movie star the astronaut  
they all got lost somewhere between 

And though it seems that everything worked out fine 
Underneath consistency I’m dying just to make it out alive 

I spend my time memorizing my lines 
Counting all my nickels and my dimes 
I try my best but I lose it every time 
Just to make it out alive 

(N. Flora / A. Osenga)

You said this was a bad idea 
Never stopped me before 
Found myself in an old Chevelle 
With my pedal pressed to the floor 

I’m on my way to Reno 
Gonna win a million tall 
But any man who’s got you 
Is the luckiest man of all 

You said this was a bad idea 
Guess who proved you wrong? 
Sitting on a stack of money, honey 
And I thought I outta let you know 

That I’m living large in Reno 
Yeah, your man’s a million tall 
Any man with cash and you baby 
Is the luckiest man of all 

You said this was a bad idea 
You got a habit of being right 
You said that I should’ve come home in the morning 
But instead I stayed out all night 

Lost a million bucks in Reno 
And when I get home you’ll be gone 

And the next poor fool that finds you 
Will be the luckiest man of all 

(N. Flora)

Heartbeat finally 
We’ve broken through 
You’ll find in this life 
It’s all on you 

Everybody asked about you 

So hold strong to your heart 
And listen close 
For so long the hard part 
Has run it’s course 

Now everybody asks about you 
Everybody asks about you 

They’re telling lies, so 
Don’t believe it 

You’ve got greatness in you, boy 
And I have seen it 
So just hold on 

(N. Flora)

I want to love and not hold back 
To feel like I know you, and make it last 
To feel like I know where you're coming from 
And where you're going 

Every time that we find love 
It's like we can't be bothered turn it up 
I can feel your heart and every beat 
as it pulls the love right out of me 

Good enough is never good enough 
you gotta give all you got or walk away 

I know that it's hard, dear to open up 
There's a fear inside that you aren't enough 

Some you win and some you choose just not to try  
and then you lose 

If it's a clean break you're looking for, you'll never find it 

I want to love and not hold back